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Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023 with Managed Services

Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023 with Managed Services Managing in-house IT infrastructure in 2023 is complex and costly. This year, partner with Navisite for […]

Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023 with Managed Services

Managing in-house IT infrastructure in 2023 is complex and costly. This year, partner with Navisite for enhanced efficiency, innovation, resiliency, and multi-cloud support.

Businesses today depend on technology to operate and deliver value. However, maintaining servers, networks, and IT infrastructure in-house has become burdensome for many organizations. Issues like high costs, talent recruitment, outdated systems, and security risks take focus away from core business goals.

While infrastructure remains crucial for supporting vital systems, the solution for many companies is to partner with a managed services provider like Navisite.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023 with Managed Services

Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023 with Managed Services

Why Work with Navisite for IT Infrastructure Management?

Navisite is a trusted leader in end-to-end managed infrastructure services for organizations worldwide. Their flexible solutions provide key benefits:

  • 30-50% Cost Savings

    Navisite reduces infrastructure costs substantially compared to traditional in-house models through efficiencies of scale and predictable pricing. Their global delivery approach provides expertise tailored to your unique needs and budget. For example, by leveraging their infrastructure management expertise across thousands of clients, Navisite can optimize costs in ways individual companies cannot achieve alone.

  • Increased Agility and Innovation

    Navisite's diverse cloud, on-premises, and hybrid models give you the flexibility to adapt as business needs change. Their experts act as advisors to help you capitalize on emerging technologies while optimizing existing systems. With Navisite, you gain an innovative partner to evolve infrastructure as new capabilities arise.

  • Heightened Resiliency and Security

    Navisite manages infrastructure according to proven ITIL practices and provides robust SLAs. Proactive monitoring, automation, and disaster recovery capabilities deliver peace of mind and strengthen defenses against outages and cyber threats. By partnering with Navisite, you reduce business risk through enhanced infrastructure resiliency and security.

  • Multi-Cloud Platform Support

    Navisite offers unbiased guidance on solutions across leading providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more. Their partnerships enable maximum choice and value. With Navisite, you are not locked into a single cloud, but rather gain a trusted advisor to select the optimal platforms for your needs.

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The Challenges of In-House Infrastructure Management

Maintaining IT infrastructure in 2023 internally has become increasingly difficult for many organizations. Just some of the key challenges include:

  • High Costs - Managing infrastructure in-house requires large capital investments and ongoing operating expenses for hardware, software, staffing, and facilities. These costs are fixed and escalate over time.
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention - With technology rapidly evolving, finding and retaining skilled infrastructure staff is an uphill battle. This leads to knowledge gaps and instability.
  • Legacy Systems - Most companies accumulate legacy systems over time that become outdated, risky, and incompatible with modern needs. Upgrading can be cost-prohibitive.
  • Security and Compliance - From hackers to strict regulations, security and compliance are constant threats. Falling behind puts the business at risk of fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage.
  • Lack of Innovation - With resources drained by maintenance needs, there is little left to devote to innovation. This impacts competitiveness and growth.

How Navisite Provides Relief for Overburdened IT Teams

The typical in-house IT team juggles an overloaded and often thankless job. They are tasked with:

  • Installing, upgrading, and patching hardware/software
  • Monitoring performance and troubleshooting issues
  • Managing vendor relationships and licensing
  • Planning capacity and maintaining availability
  • Securing infrastructure and handling compliance
  • Researching and testing new technologies
  • And much more...

This overloaded plate takes focus away from more strategic initiatives that create value. By partnering with Navisite, in-house IT teams are relieved of this day-to-day infrastructure burden.

Navisite's experts handle the heavy lifting of infrastructure management, allowing internal teams to refocus on innovation. With Navisite as an extension of your IT team, you regain the agility to evolve with business needs.

How Navisite Helps You Innovate with Cutting-Edge Technologies

In addition to managing core IT infrastructure in 2023, Navisite helps you capitalize on emerging technologies. Their solutions provide access to leading-edge capabilities:

Cloud Computing - Navisite offers advisory services to find the right cloud model for your needs. They provide extensive expertise with hyperscale platforms from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, and more.

Containers - Navisite helps you build modern container architectures using Kubernetes and Docker to achieve portability and scalability.

AI and Machine Learning - Unlock the power of AI and ML through Navisite's partnerships with leaders like AWS, Google Cloud, and NVIDIA.

Internet of Things (IoT) - Navisite enables you to integrate IoT devices and infrastructure to collect data and drive insights.

5G - Prepare for the next generation of wireless with Navisite's 5G-ready solutions for edge computing.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure in 2023

Infrastructure should empower innovation, not hold it back. By partnering with Navisite, you can reduce the burdens of infrastructure management and refocus on driving strategic growth.

To learn more about Navisite's comprehensive managed infrastructure services, contact them today. Take control of your infrastructure transformation this year.


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