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How Oracle EBS Database Upgrade from 12c to 19c

How to Upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite Databases from 12c to 19c Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) is a widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite. […]

How to Upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite Databases from 12c to 19c

Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) is a widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite. Many EBS customers currently use Oracle Database 12c to run their EBS environments. However, Oracle will end extended support for EBS on 12c on July 31, 2022. This deadline requires EBS users to upgrade to continue receiving critical updates and support from Oracle. Migrating to the latest 19c database version provides performance, security, and functionality improvements for EBS. This article explains why you should  EBS database upgrade to 19c, how to prepare for the transition, and how a database management partner like LK Technologies can ensure a seamless upgrade experience.

How Oracle EBS Database Upgrade from 12c to 19c

How Oracle EBS Database Upgrade from 12c to 19c

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Why Migrate EBS Databases to Oracle 19c?

Once Oracle ends sustaining support for EBS databases on 12c, customers will no longer receive regular security patches, regulatory updates, and bug fixes. Running EBS on an unsupported 12c database can lead to compliance issues, system instability, and vulnerability to cyber attacks.

Upgrading to 19c allows EBS users to leverage the latest Oracle database enhancements for improved:

  • Performance - 19c introduces new optimizations like automatic indexing and adaptive query optimization to boost throughput and response times for EBS transactions and reporting.
  • Scalability - With 19c, EBS environments can scale up and out to support growing user bases and workloads. 19c enhances partitioning, compression, and memory management for greater scalability.
  • New features like auto-tuning, Real Application Clusters (RAC), and multi-tenant support - 19c delivers powerful new capabilities including automated SQL tuning, active clustering for high availability, and multi-tenant architectures to consolidate EBS instances.

With 19c, Oracle promises long-term support until at least 2028. This gives EBS customers confidence they can remain on a supported, sustained database release through the next decade.

Moving to 19c also bolsters security, as 19c delivers innovations like:

  • Blockchain tables - These tamper-resistant structures protect EBS transaction data.
  • Privileged user controls - 19c reduces risks from excessive user permissions.
  • Advanced encryption - 19c adds robust new encryption algorithms to secure sensitive EBS data.

Keeping EBS databases current is essential for protection against evolving data breaches and cybersecurity threats. As hackers grow more sophisticated, upgrading to 19c provides modern defenses.

Best Practices for a Successful EBS Database Upgrade

Transitioning enterprise production databases like EBS to a new platform is complex, requiring thoughtful preparation and flawless execution. Here are essential best practices our experienced DBA team follows to ensure smooth EBS database upgrades:

  • Conduct exhaustive reviews of existing environments - Document all customizations, add-ons, dependencies, data structures, and infrastructure needs to support 19c. Identify any legacy custom code that may require remediation.
  • Build a dedicated upgrade test environment - Copy production data schemas, stored procedures, packages, etc. to preview upgrade processes. Run test cycles that mimic real-world usage and workloads. Resolve any issues or inconsistencies.
  • Develop a comprehensive project plan - Define detailed timelines mapping out phases, deliverables, milestones, and owners. Build contingency plans for potential issues and rollbacks. Set up communication plans, training, and post-upgrade validation procedures.
  • Freeze non-critical changes during cutover - Limit any changes to production EBS and database before transition to 19c to minimize risk. Maintain availability and performance throughout cutover.
  • Optimize and tune 19c database - Monitor workloads during testing to ensure ideal performance. Tune memory, storage, and database parameters. Align with Oracle best practices.
  • Provide 24/7 multichannel technical support - Deliver continuous troubleshooting during and after upgrade go-live. Provide escalation contacts, detailed documentation, and proactive monitoring.
  • Validate security controls and compliance - Confirm upgraded 19c databases comply with organizational policies, industry regulations, and Oracle security hardening guidelines.
  • Plan a dry run - Conduct an end-to-end rehearsal before the actual cutover to validate procedures and prevent surprises.

Why Work with a Database Partner for EBS Upgrades?

Upgrading major enterprise platforms like EBS involves serious risks - from integration failures to performance lags. Most organizations lack specialized expertise across EBS, Database, Engineered Systems, and the entire Oracle technology stack needed for smooth upgrades.

Key reasons to partner with database experts include:

  • Save time and resources - Let experienced DBAs execute the upgrade so your staff can focus on core priorities.
  • Control costs - Avoid expensive downtime and cost overruns from upgrade issues.
  • Transfer risks - Partners assume responsibility for the project's success.
  • Gain technical skills - No need to train or hire more Oracle DBAs. Augment your team with specialized talent.
  • Enhance agility - Quickly implement upgrades to capitalize on new capabilities.
  • Improve reliability - Proven processes and tested playbooks deliver upgrades without business disruption.

Partner for Seamless EBS Database Upgrades

With over 25 years of experience, LK Technologies is uniquely equipped to manage Oracle EBS migrations and upgrades. Our Oracle DBAs possess deep knowledge covering EBS, Database, Engineered Systems, and the entire Oracle technology stack. We offer full lifecycle database management services to assist with:

  • Upgrades
  • Performance optimization
  • High availability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Consolidation
  • New implementations
  • and more

Our structured Oracle Upgrade Methodology covers activities like:

  • Technical upgrade assessment
  • Upgrade environment build
  • Code remediation
  • Regression testing
  • Pilot testing
  • Project management
  • Go-live transition
  • Hypercare support

We help streamline the entire process - from planning to execution. Our experts have performed over 500 successful Oracle upgrades without disruption. We also deliver ongoing managed services to keep your upgraded EBS environment optimized and supported.


If you need to upgrade your EBS database from 12c or tackle any other Oracle project, contact LK. With us as your database partner, you can keep your mission-critical Oracle systems up-to-date, supported, and optimized.

Our experts become an extension of your team. We provide technical leadership along with project management excellence. This enables smooth upgrades that meet your budget, timeline, and business requirements.

Don't delay your EBS upgrade and risk non-compliance or vulnerabilities. Leverage LK's specialized expertise for guaranteed Oracle upgrade success. Contact us today to get started.


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