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How Secure Is Your Computer Really?

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How secure is your computer? The evolution of malware protections

The dangers of malware extend past a common computer virus. Malware can steal personal information, pirate software, and damage hardware. Malware also has the potential to create worms that spread quickly online, infecting multiple devices in a short amount of time.

There are more than 450,000 types of malware reported every day.

Cybercriminals often use malware in large-scale attacks like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) or ransomware. Three ways of detecting and intercepting malware before it spreads have been deployed over the years: antivirus (AV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and managed detection and response (MDR).

AV, also known as antivirus software, is designed to detect and remove malware from devices. It scans the system for malicious code, identifies any threats, and removes them before any damage can be done. To accomplish this, antivirus software generally uses a signature-based detection method to detect malware. Signature-based antivirus is the most common type of antivirus software. It was developed first in the mid-to-late 1980s and was the best option until the 2010s.

The issue with AV software today is it can’t keep up with the constant barrage of new threats. Malware is constantly evolving, and the signature-based approach of AV software can only recognize a threat if it’s been trained that a specific code is malicious. Cybercriminals can launch new malware codes faster than AV software can be updated, leaving computers – and the networks they’re connected to – vulnerable to attack.

That’s where Endpoint detection and response (EDR) comes in. Developed in the mid-2010s, EDR takes a more proactive approach to protect network endpoints from malware. EDR software monitors the behavior of all applications on an endpoint to detect suspicious or anomalous activity that could signal an attack occurring. It can detect malicious activity that antivirus software may miss. Because of the behavior-based approach, it can identify even novel malware code that is attempting any suspicious behaviors.

In the last decade, Managed detection and response (MDR) has become the gold standard in malware detection and prevention. MDR is a cybersecurity service that provides organizations with a team of experts who monitor your endpoints running EDR software and respond to cyber threats 24/7. It’s better equipped to detect and respond to threats that may not be limited to a single device. Furthermore, MDR provides a more comprehensive view of security and better visibility into threats across an organization. For those with multiple computers in a commercial setting, MDR is the recommended cybersecurity solution and the best way to stay ahead of the ever increased cyber threats.

If you’d like to learn more about MDR cybersecurity solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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